What Is Interactive Selling?


What Is Interactive Selling?

In the world of technology, the only constant is change. As experts in innovation and  technology solutions, we are always excited to educate people about emerging technologies and drive organizations towards trying out new experiences. One topic that has recently caught our attention is interactive selling experiences, which blend e-commerce with emerging technology to create an unforgettable customer experience.

In today's world, retailers are increasingly focused on eCommerce and mobile experiences to grow their businesses online. However, interactive selling experiences are emerging as the first inflection point of emerging technology being applied to retail or in-store experiences that are guided by thought leaders to drive an ultimate sale. This is an exciting space where people are consistently pushing boundaries, and we promise to delve deeper into the topic. Rob Petrosino, Head of Custom & Emerging Technologies, explores these topics daily.

Woman holding a phone using AR to try on a ring

What Is Happening Now?

One brand that is doing an excellent job of implementing interactive selling experiences is Cartier. By blending emerging technology, specifically augmented reality, into their in-store experience, they are providing their customers with highly personalized selling experiences. Using image tracking, 3D models of rings, and custom sizing, customers can slide a 3D printed ring on their finger and see how it would look on their hand in real-time on an iPad, while their associate can modify the digital content in the background for guided selling. This interactive selling approach reduces the carbon footprint of the organization by reducing the number of packages shipped, while providing a hyper-targeted and blended reality experience that drives brand awareness and affinity.

The rise of interactivity and digital experiences is not limited to online sales, but extends to brick-and-mortar stores and at-home experiences as well. As experts in marketing for technology solutions, we are excited about the growing trend and the brands that are pushing technological boundaries in the industry. Our goal is to assist organizations in developing strategies for better digital experiences, and we encourage viewers to reach out with any questions or concerns they may have. With the right blend of technology and creativity, the possibilities for interactive selling experiences are endless.


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