Building a Dynamic Web Experience
for a Global Brand Serving B2B and
B2C Audiences


Hobbled by three content systems to manage their website and frustrating their domestic and international customers with a slow, business-centric customer journey, our client needed a unified management system and a customer-first experience to grow engagement and drive conversion.

The first step in the Dream stage was for us to conduct a comprehensive audit of their entire website, in order to get a sense of the breadth of the challenges that we were facing. As it turned out, we uncovered several issues:
  • User Experience: The user experience was built more to support the needs of franchisees, rather than customers, resulting in a high customer bounce rate, as well as customer disenfranchisement.
  • Platform Integration. The client was using three different eCommerce platforms that were largely incompatible with each other, resulting in site-wide instability, slow page loads, and content management and coordination issues.
  • Course Finder: A key tool for customers to identify the courses most relevant to their needs, the course finder had no geo-location integration and was difficult to use.

Client: Global Business Training Brand

Services Provided:

  • User Experience & Design
  • Technology & Engineering
  • Analytics
  • Platform Integration
  • Course Finder: A key tool for customers to identify the courses most relevant to their needs, the course finder had no geo-location integration and was difficult to use.
  • Product Details Pages: When a customer managed to find the course they were interested in, the descriptions of the courses were fragmented and incomplete, and pricing was confusing due to a lack of location information.
  • Cart Checkout: The purchasing process was unreliable due to a deeply flawed cart checkout module.
  • Audience Segmentation: While there were two distinct customer segments – enterprise-level and small businesses/individuals – the site did not address the technical or messaging needs that these two very different audiences required.
Following a series of collaborative ideation sessions, PeakActivity developed a Phase 1 Roadmap along with wireframes to begin addressing the identified issues. In addition to clearly defining and managing expectations for the client, the sessions became the genesis point towards imagining what the client’s website could be in the future.

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With the Roadmap as our north star, the PeakActivity team began to resolve those issues that were deemed mission-critical. The issues addressed in Phase 1 were:

  • RevCommerce System Implementation: Transferred the entire site over to RevCommerce, a flexible eCommerce system providing much-needed site stability with little to no downtime.
  • New Franchise Local Page UX: Based on active collaboration between PeakActivity and the franchise owners, the individual franchise pages were designed to meet the many needs of the franchise owners—managing imagery, content, contact and team info, etc—while still providing a cohesive, firmly customer-centric experience.
  • Site Speed: By moving the site onto a headless eCommerce system, optimizing files, and re-designing pages, overall site speed drastically improved, as did page load times
  • Analytics: Initiated in-depth analytics and reporting to ensure the incremental and overall effectiveness of all optimization efforts.

“We worked with PeakActivity to re-platform and redesign websites for our 190+ franchisees across 86 countries and 32 languages. PeakActivity was a valuable partner in helping to understand both our global customer and franchisee needs through user interviews and working sessions, which resulted in creating a vastly improved digital experience for both.”

- Global CMO


After incorporating our Phase 1 solutions and reviewing the data, we can see the initial positive impact that our efforts are having:


Overall Conversions


New Visitors Conversions


Reduced Bounce Rate


Mobile Conversions


Average Session Quality


Average Page Load Time


After delivering positive initial results for the client, PeakActivity has started to identify additional growth opportunities for the client’s online business. With that in mind, the following initiatives have begun:

  • Digital Asset Manager (DAM) implementation: Created a centralized location for the client to store hundreds of images within RevCommerce.
  • Find-a-Course Enhancements: Optimizing the location module, enriching data to allow for increased findability, and overall aesthetic improvement.
  • Ongoing site UX Enhancements: Continue to identify and correct friction points in the customer journey.
  • Testing & Data Analysis: Continue to vigorously test and analyze data to identify other areas of the site that need to be improved.

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