Cheri Siedle

VP, Technology Delivery & Talent

About Cheri

Cheri Siedle has spent much of her career successfully managing core IT areas and eCommerce at a Fortune 150 company. There, she became highly skilled in the areas of product development, analysis, and quality assurance. She went on to become the VP of an eCommerce division, building a website and marketplace from the ground up and achieving a 400% growth in revenue. As she thrived in the detailed-centric, fast-paced world of eCommerce, Cheri found her passion for leading cross-functional teams to success.

At PeakActivity, Cheri is known for her positive attitude, as well as her willingness to face new challenges with creativity and curiosity. She loves technology and, above all, solving problems. As the leader of Technology Delivery, Cheri believes in constructive communication and demonstrates an exceptional ability to manage geographically-diverse teams of developers, quality assurance engineers, scrum masters, and analysts.

When she isn’t working, Cheri is most likely traveling, seeking new and enlightening experiences. Having visited 41 countries (and counting), Cheri finds that the education and understanding that comes from traveling the world is unparalleled. On most weekends, Cheri and her family enjoy taking dive trips in the Florida Keys, exploring new reefs and learning more about aquatic ecosystems.