PeakActivity Teams Up With Palm Beach County Teachers to Develop New Augmented Reality Curriculum

BOYNTON BEACH, FL, June 8, 2021 – PeakActivity is sharing their subject-matter expertise in emerging technology with Palm Beach County School District teachers to bring augmented reality educational experiences into the classroom.


PeakActivity’s expertise in developing augmented reality experiences for the ed-tech industry stood out to the school district. Now, the company’s emerging technology department will facilitate a 12-week long technical training workshop with Magic Leap headsets and Unity programming for a group of 15 Palm Beach County school teachers.


This initiative aims to infuse augmented reality technology into a suite of career and technical education courses. The goal is to foster technical knowledge of the headset’s capabilities and, ultimately, support the teachers in publishing augmented reality experiences into the headset for enhanced learning.


“The goal of this educational portion is to instill teacher confidence and understand the tool’s impact in the classroom, so they can become advocates for implementing this emerging technology in the curriculum,” said Rob Petrosino, VP of Innovation at PeakActivity.


Students in grades 9-12 enrolled in the Career and Technical Education program on the computer science track will be able to use this augmented reality technology, whether they are remote or in the physical classroom. If learning remotely, teachers will be able to capture and record videos through the headsets and then send the video to students. For in-person instruction, there are opportunities for student-led demonstrations, where students can wear the headset to learn through immersive activities that the rest of the class can watch on a screen.


“We believe one of the goals of education is to spark our students’ creativity and imagination,” said Moise Derosier, Career & Technical Education Specialist. “Consequently, we have to prepare our students to be creators of technology, not just consumers of it. As such, we must train our teachers in immersive technologies, be they virtual, augmented, and/or mixed realities. This workshop will ensure that teachers are ready to prepare our students for the technologies of the future.”


Augmented reality has been proven to increase user retention. These immersive and interactive experiences have the potential to enhance the school district’s hands-on learning techniques and empower students with advanced technological skills.


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