Adding Muscle to a National
Health Club Chain's Mobile App


When a previous version of their mobile app offered little beyond barebones functionality, PeakActivity was tasked with transforming the app into a robust tool to help build brand loyalty, increase member engagement, and support in-app promotional messaging, all while creating a more personalized user experience.


During the Dream Stage, we had a series of conversations about the shortcomings of the existing app; what areas needed to be improved, and what would need to be built from scratch. Beyond the immediate pain points, we also asked our clients to share their goals for the future because, for us, the initial engagement isn’t a one-and-done scenario but rather the first step on a journey towards helping our clients achieve lasting success.

As a result of these discussions, and a comprehensive audit of their existing app, the following issues were identified: 

  • Lack of Personalization: Oddly enough, in an industry built to cater to the specific needs of the individual, the app offered gym members little in terms of personalization opportunities, such as workout tracking and other like features.
  • Lack of Location-Specific Functionality: Members were not able to sign up for fitness classes at specific locations, nor were they able to find out what amenities were located at the individual gym level. 



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  • Outdated  Check-In Process: Members were still required to scan a key fob. This not only slowed down the entry process but it advertised to members that the gym was behind the times. This specific issue was one that the previous agency was unable to solve. 
  •  Rewards Tracking and Redemption: While members earned rewards and loyalty points there was no way for them to track their points or redeem them for merchandise via the app.
  • Integration with Member Services Partners: While the client offered its customers additional benefits through a network of business partners, customers were unable to fully access these benefits through the app.

After discussing our findings with the client, we then developed a strategic roadmap that not only guided our initial efforts but laid the groundwork for future work, as well.

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After identifying the most pressing challenges and creating an engagement roadmap, we developed and implemented our first wave of solutions:

  • Digital Express Check-In: Through the use of QR codes and on-site scanners, members could check-in to the gym quickly and seamlessly upon entry with their phone.
  • Google Maps Integration: By providing members with search and location services, members now had the ability to view class schedules and times at their home gym.
  • Sign-Up For Personal Training Sessions: Members could now sign-up for personal training sessions directly through the app.
  • Digitally Track Workouts and Rewards Points: Unlike the earlier version of the app, guests could now track their workouts and redeem their rewards and loyalty points for branded merchandise.
  • Access to Relevant Information: The app now provided a wealth of information including articles on health and fitness, healthy recipes, suggested workouts, and live gym events.


By providing a full complement of talented team members and arming them with the right digital tools, we were able to achieve the following initial results:


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Our Elevate stage can mean many things—from the incremental improvement of a product to—as in this case—a quick pivot in response to a global pandemic that shuttered our client’s doors and left them scrambling to find a way forward. 

Working with our client, we developed ways to help members stay engaged and healthy during a very difficult time. 

Free On-Demand Workout Videos: Helped client develop a deep online repository (800+) of on-demand workout videos from Les Mills.

Code of Conduct Documentation: Created code of conduct documentation explaining gym procedures in order to keep members safe during the COVID crisis.

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