Student-centered experiences and marketing tools that position you for growth.

The skills of great teaching are constant. But the tools we use to reach and engage our students are ever-changing.

At PeakActivity, we partner with educational institutions and professional service organizations to grow and nurture communities through digital transformation. 

A holistic approach to digital change.
Our PeakActivity team is 100+ strong, bringing together marketing and technological expertise with specific experience in education and professional development. We leverage our lean, connected teams to help you modernize legacy systems, connect your data, and grow at scale with digital experiences that turn your students into brand ambassadors. 

Leverage technology to meet students where they’re at.
We are relentlessly student-focused. We harness research and user testing to help us understand and anticipate your students’ needs. These insights become guideposts that focus and shape iterative designs, culminating in personalized, best-in-class experiences.

Sometimes the biggest steps are the most basic – helping students intuitively search locations, find the right classes, and get the resources they need. Sometimes we need to take big leaps. We’ve recently partnered with a number of clients to take the friction out of distance learning, helping students access vibrant educational opportunities on their terms. 

Attract, engage, and retain your students.
Great teaching and top-notch facilities are not enough.  Potential students need to know you’re there to help. We apply end-to-end marketing strategies to elevate your brand and grow your audience so you can do more of what you do best — help students grow. 

We also offer education clients access to our custom mobile solution, Pialta. Pialta’s data-driven marketing tools help you attract new students with branded social media promotions, free trials, special offers, and guest passes. You can also engage and motivate current students with personalized goals and rewards.

Taken together, our holistic approach is proven to help educational organizations adapt to the digital age and activate the kind of engaged and energetic communities needed for sustained growth.

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