This Week in eCommerce Tech - 02/24/23

Dominic Gozza

Principal Technical Architect, PeakActivity



This Week in eCommerce Tech - 02/24/23

Dominic Gozza

Principal Technical Architect, PeakActivity

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Welcome to This Week in eCommerce Tech! In this edition, we'll look closer at Kibo Commerce, a platform known for its rich functionality and deep extensibility. Plus, we'll discuss the latest in frameworks, languages, and open-source projects and explore the latest news and events shaping the eCommerce landscape. Let's dive in!

🧰 Cool Tools

  • Kibo Commerce, known for its balance of rich functionality and deep extensibility, has released two new product features: Fulfillment Substitutions and Order Routing Extensibility.
    • Substitutions enable organizations to pre-designate a substitution strategy for products that need a substitute during fulfillment, removing the guesswork from fulfillers, protecting order revenue, and delivering customer expectations on time.
    • Order Routing Extensibility allows daily business users to extend the data in the platform by creating custom attributes for a product, location, order, or customer to optimize order routing rules that meet unique requirements and financial goals and drive loyal customer experiences. (Link)


🏡 Platforms

  • Vercel Cron Jobs! This can be paired with Vercel Functions (Link)


🧑‍💻 Frameworks, Languages & Open Source

  • iPadOS 16.4 beta 1 support for Web Push and other features for Home Screen web apps.
    • The most exciting thing about this release is the ability to push native push notifications to a user's device from the web for Home Screen web apps. (Link)
  • Next.js 13.2 (Link)
    • Built-in SEO with Metadata API
    • Route Handlers
    • MDX for Server Components
    • Rust MDX Parser
    • Statically Typed Links
    • Next.js Cache
    • Turbopack Improvements
  • ts-reset (Link)
    • TypeScript's built-in typings are not perfect. ts-reset makes them better.


🗞️ In The News

  • Talking Shop: Kibo and PeakActivity CEO Manish Hirapara discuss Composable Commerce and how companies leverage this architecture to deliver better customer experiences. (Link)


🎙️ Events

  • Join us at Shoptalk: Stop by Kibo's booth (#810) on March 27th and 28th for a free coffee, and connect with a PeakActivity team member for a demo of the Kibo platform!


🌍 Job Opportunities


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