This Week in eCommerce Tech - 02/10/23

Dominic Gozza

Principal Technical Architect, PeakActivity



This Week in eCommerce Tech - 02/10/23

Dominic Gozza

Principal Technical Architect, PeakActivity

Graphic image of a speech bubble with code brackets above the words "Talking Tech"
Graphic image of a speech bubble with code brackets above the words "Talking Tech"

Hello, and welcome back to This Week in eCommerce Tech. I'm your host, Dominic Gozza, and I'm excited to dive into another exciting topic in eCommerce. In this week's post, we'll explore eCommerce's latest developments and trends with some big news and a small demo of Shopify’s OpenAI support. There's always something new to discover, from new technologies to innovative strategies in this rapidly evolving space.

Whether you're a seasoned eCommerce professional or starting, this series is for anyone passionate about staying ahead of the curve in this exciting and dynamic industry. So please sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and let's dive in!

Video Demo of Shopify Flow + OpenAI

I decided to make a quick video going over a new update to the Shopify Flow app that now has a direct integration with OpenAI.


🧰 Cool Tools

  • Segment: Segment is a customer data platform that helps eCommerce businesses centralize and manage their customer data. With Segment, companies can collect customer data from various sources to personalize their customer experience, improve customer engagement, and optimize marketing efforts. (Link)


🏡 Platforms

  • 100+ Shopify Winter '23  updates. I selected two below (Link to all updates)
    • Shopify B2B (Link)
      • Quantity Rules
      • Customer-specific product publishing
      • Payment & Automation features to enable self-serve purchasing for wholesale buyers
      • B2B APIs
    • Shopify Functions
      • Shopify now supports three main components database customizations, front-end customization, and now Developers can customize the back end. Shopify Functions allows developers to inject their custom code and run it on our servers. The long-term goal is to make every part of a store’s pipeline replaceable with custom code, giving Shopify’s platform unprecedented flexibility without sacrificing security or scalability. (Link)


🧑‍💻 Frameworks, Languages & Open Source

  • Partytown — a cutting-edge library designed to optimize the performance of your web applications. Partytown is a lazy-loading library that helps you move resource-intensive scripts to a web worker, freeing up the main thread and improving the overall performance of your web pages. If you're looking for a solution to slow load times, lags, and other performance-related issues, Partytown is a perfect choice. Partytown has a handful of pre-built integrations. Check them out. (Link)
  • Kibo Commerce — Kibo Commerce is an eCommerce platform that provides Composable solutions for Order Management, eCommerce, and Subscription Commerce. They have recently begun open-sourcing and providing bootstrap templates for your favorite frameworks + Kibo. I’m a vast Next.js fan, but they also support other frameworks. (Link)


🎙️ Events

  • Sid Joshi and Mitch Dsouza will discuss the advantages of using Open Source technologies, how to pick the right ones, and getting support for your enterprise deployments. Register today: (Link)


🌍 Job Opportunities

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