Transforming Business with AI: Education, Advocacy, and Implementation


Transforming Business with AI: Education, Advocacy, and Implementation

Artificial intelligence (AI) is not just transforming the business landscape; it's reshaping the very fabric of how businesses like yours operate and innovate. 

But embracing AI goes beyond mere technology adoption—it's about empowering your people, at every level, to harness its potential.

Your success with AI hinges on having enough people within your organization understand the value of AI well enough to support infusing it into your organization for strategic gain. We’re here to guide you through this adoption process with our practical framework called The Essential Elements of AI Success.  

This blog covers the four-stage framework, explores the crucial role of each stage, and provides recommendations to harness each stage to advance your business goals and enrich your team's workplace experience.

Let’s dive in. 

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Educate: Building a Foundation for AI Success

Your journey toward complete AI adoption begins with education. We’re now in an era where AI is rapidly redefining the business landscape, and your organization must cultivate a strong foundation of AI literacy to stay competitive.

This isn't just about keeping up with technological advancements; it's about reorienting your workforce toward tasks where humans hold a comparative advantage. 

As highlighted in a recent study from the OECD, automation, including AI, leads to job reorganization rather than displacement, pushing jobs toward areas where human skills excel. 

The enhancements in job quality—reduced tedium, increased engagement, and improved safety—are among AI's most notable benefits from a worker's perspective.

That’s why almost half (42%) of companies are exploring AI’s use. This rapid growth underscores the need for your organization to evolve its knowledge and skills continuously.

At PeakActivity, we offer a program that empowers organizations through educational interactive workshops and hands-on training sessions, focusing on strategies to embed AI education into your organizational culture.

During these training sessions, every team member gains a fundamental understanding of AI concepts and their practical applications. This ensures participants stay at the cutting edge of AI and empowers AI implementation in ways that align with your business objectives.

Ultimately, an educated workforce is the cornerstone of your AI success. 

Investing in AI education enhances your team's capabilities and positions your organization to harness AI's transformative power, improving job quality and aligning with the future of work.

Advocate: Cultivating AI Champions Within Your Organization

Empowerment through education leads to advocacy, a vital component in your journey toward AI adoption. When identifying and nurturing AI champions within your organization, you will start bridging the gap between AI technology and its practical business applications.

A recent study from the OECD, “The impact of AI on the workplace,” found that  “AI will not replace people, but the people who resist AI will be replaced by people who embrace it” (pg. 87).

This approach underscores the importance of embracing AI, linking it to the widespread adoption of spreadsheets over time. Initially used only in accounting, spreadsheets are now indispensable across all sectors, a trajectory similar to what AI is expected to follow.

That’s why at PeakActivity, our Essential Elements of AI program dives into methods of identifying potential AI advocates across various departments. These individuals, armed with knowledge from their educational phase, can effectively communicate AI's benefits and inspire their peers. Ultimately, they will be fostering an environment where AI-driven solutions are actively sought and celebrated.

Remember, the role of AI advocates is not limited to just your technical staff; it extends to all levels of the organization. Encouraging a diverse group of AI advocates ensures a holistic approach to AI adoption, where insights from different perspectives lead to more innovative, relevant, and effective AI solutions.

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Guide: Leveraging Expertise for Strategic AI Advancements

Navigating the AI journey is tricky and nuanced. Relying only on your in-house team for AI development can be risky. 

Just look at the findings from two German case studies in finance and manufacturing, as reported by the OECD: “Even when AI talent exists internally, there is often a high degree of dependence on a small number of AI experts, which represents a vulnerability in the event that they leave” (pg. 99). Losing key employees leaves a significant gap in skills and knowledge. 

We heavily advocate bringing in external AI professionals for several reasons. Not only can this be a buffer against losing key employees, which leaves a significant gap in skills and knowledge, but it can also widen the organization’s AI skill set and provide additional support when internal resources are stretched thin.

Inviting contributions from outside AI specialists allows your organization to navigate the AI landscape more quickly and confidently. This approach ensures that every step toward AI maturity is well-informed, strategically planned, and aligned with your business goals.

Launch: Testing, Learning, and Iterating Toward AI Adoption

The final phase of your AI journey and our framework is the launch phase, where the theoretical knowledge and advocacy translate into practical AI initiatives. 

This phase is characterized by a test, learn, and iterate approach, underscoring the importance of practical experimentation in AI adoption.

Here, your focus should be on effectively implementing AI proofs of concept (POCs).

These initial projects are crucial, providing tangible insights and learning opportunities that enable your organization to refine its AI strategies.

Adopting an iterative process allows your organization to adapt to challenges, learn from outcomes, and evolve your AI capabilities.

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Charting a Path to AI Excellence with PeakActivity

We understand that whether your organization is just beginning to explore AI or is already deep into its adoption, the need for a structured, informed approach remains paramount. 

The Essential Elements of AI Success framework includes the four stages of development: Education, Advocacy, Guidance, and Launch. It functions as a comprehensive roadmap for any business executive looking to harness the transformative power of AI.

AI success is not just about technological adoption; it's about cultivating an informed, empowered, and proactive organizational culture. With PeakActivity's guidance, your AI journey will be strategic, informed, and aligned with your business goals. Remember that AI is not just a destination but a continuous path of learning, innovation, and growth.



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