How PeakActivity Helped a National
Wine & Spirits Retailer Build an in-House
Digital Team From the Ground Up


Four years ago, our client concluded that their digital ambitions would never be realized with the internal teams they had at that time. They came to PeakActivity to help refine their digital strategies and to build a strong team to execute against them.

The first step we took in the Dream Stage was to conduct a thorough audit touching on three key areas: the client’s staffing resources, the state of their progress towards reaching their eCommerce goals, and challenges that stood in the way of achieving those goals. As a result, we identified the following issues:
  • Insufficient Staffing: This was, by far, the most important challenge to overcome. The client simply did not have the people they needed to achieve their immediate eCommerce needs. Regardless of whatever strategies and tactics we put in place, their success would hinge directly upon finding and building the right team to execute them.
  • Outdated Thinking: Integrating new thinking and new approaches required a cultural change within the organization. Identifying ways to bring about that change with as little friction as possible, was a key challenge to overcome.

Client: Wine & Spirits Retailer

Services Provided:

  • Staffing
  • User Design & Experience
  • Website Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • eCommerce Strategy
In a series of frank, collaborative sessions, we discussed these challenges openly and began to craft a roadmap for moving forward.  While the Client’s immediate needs were the focus of our initial engagement, we also talked about the future. Unencumbered by timelines and budgets, we brainstormed the client’s hopes and dreams for their business, and how PeakActivity could help achieve them. But first, we had a team to build.

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With priorities clearly defined and a carefully constructed project roadmap in hand, PeakActivity took its first critical steps on the path to creating a future-looking eCommerce practice for our client.

  • Expert Talent: First and foremost, we immediately tapped into our vast network of on-site and off-site talent resources, ultimately identifying and deploying a dedicated team of 40+ world-class eCommerce experts from such companies as Apple and Office Depot, which included:
    • Director-Level Management
    • User Experience (UX) Designers
    • User Interface (UI) Designers
    • Product Managers
    • Mobile Developers
    • Quality Assurance Analysts

It’s worth noting that the members of the team not only had to excel at their core skill sets, but do so while adhering to and developing code for complex state and local laws governing the sale and delivery of alcoholic beverages.

We then established an Innovation Hub in which the team could work as a single, unified unit focusing solely on developing and nurturing their ideas to their fullest potential.    

Locating this Innovation Hub away from the corporate offices allowed us to side-step some of the cultural barriers to innovative thinking, and fostered the kind of start-up energy that has produced consistent results over the years. We are proud to say that the agile approach to the work, combined with the experimental energy of the Innovation Hub have contributed to creating a synergy between corporate and Innovation that have produced outstanding results in the following areas: 

  • Consumer-Facing Mobile Application: The assembled team immediately began work on developing a robust consumer-facing mobile app offering customers the enhanced convenience of either in-store or curbside pick-up, as well as home delivery. 
  • In-Store Associate Applications: The team also developed multiple in-store apps for associates that improved productivity, inventory control, pick/pack/ship or customer pick-up processes, and receiving. These processes were previously performed via a 10-year-old legacy system and paper forms and binders.
  • Enhanced B2C Website: Select improvements to the client’s website offered customers a more intuitive user experience. This was supported by digital marketing strategies designed to address immediate needs, as well as lay the groundwork for future marketing efforts.


By providing a full complement of talented team members and arming them with the right digital tools, we were able to achieve the following initial results:


Overall conversions


New visitors conversions


Reduced bounce rate


The initial results provided us with more than just numbers: they were promising signs that we were on the right track towards completely transforming our client’s eCommerce business. Today, we continue to gauge our client’s talent needs in order to meet their growing eCommerce goals, as well as prepare them for new opportunities—such as modernizing and digitizing their receiving processes on the store side and continuing to push the envelope in B2C mobile and web enhancements. 

This engagement once again reminds us that, the success of anything—particularly in business—still hinges upon having the right people in place. And, that technology is simply a tool. But, when wielded by the right people, and the right partner, that tool can accomplish amazing things. 

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