Wesley Salazar

Lead Solutions Architect

About Wesley

Wesley began his career in technology nearly 15 years ago as a graphic designer, moving swiftly into more technical roles that involved video games and web development. Initially joining PeakActivity as a frontend developer, Wes is now a senior leader who has branched out into several other areas such as DevOps, cloud infrastructure, and overall backend development.  Currently, Wesley runs several divisions, including test automation, security and performance testing, technical policy enforcement, and overall research & development for the latest and greatest technologies.

Motivated by the pursuit and transfer of knowledge, Wes takes an inquisitive approach to technology and works tirelessly to understand how things work from the inside out. Upon mastering a subject, Wes is passionate about sharing his discoveries in order to continuously grow the skills and talent on his teams. As a competitor, Wes is also driven to stay ahead of industry trends by keeping abreast of all the latest tools and technologies. 

Outside of work, Wes is well-traveled and enjoys taking deep-dives into the worlds of different cultures. He has an appreciation for the uniqueness of worldviews and finds that understanding others requires a level of self-awareness that can be cultivated through meditative practices of spirituality. On a practical level, Wes also enjoys DIY projects and has most recently built a garden, complete with its own irrigation system.