Scott Townsend

VP, Sales

About Scott

Born and raised in South Florida, Scott Townsend is a fourth-generation salesman who enjoys connecting with people, understanding their challenges, and finding solutions that make a difference. For Scott, a career in sales is a particularly rewarding experience, as it allows him to help businesses and individuals achieve their goals. Having worked both sides of the table, Scott takes a solution-based approach to sales that prioritizes client needs and delivers profitable outcomes.  

Scott strives to bring a sense of empathy and understanding to business situations and is known among colleagues for his contributions as both a leader and a team player. Valuing hard work and lifelong learning, Scott thrives in challenging environments where he can approach complexity and risk with innovative solutions. Outside the office, Scott is a family man who loves spending time with his wife and two young boys. He is an accomplished golfer and avid fisherman, enjoying both fresh and saltwater fishing.