Robin Dimond

VP, Marketing

About Robin

Robin—a seasoned marketing executive and New Yorker (and part-time dreamer) with degrees in both business marketing and psychology—began her professional journey in the world of hospitality where she conceptualized, strategized, and executed the launch of her own restaurants. With a developed love for leading marketing efforts and event planning, Robin naturally found herself switching lanes and embarking on a career devoted to marketing.

Drawn to PeakActivity’s dream and vision for the future, she jumped at the opportunity to join the organization. As the VP of Marketing, Robin is responsible for the leadership of an incredible team of marketers, strategists and creatives driven by a need to create something unique, effective, and are poised to become the leaders of tomorrow. She aims to elevate talent and build a strong, engaging culture using the tactic of hiring smarter than her—she is continually humbled by the growth and excellence of her team. Robin lives by the motto, “The greatest danger is not that we aim too high and we miss it, but that it’s too low and we reach it.”

Outside of work, Robin channels her passion by infusing new life into forgotten furniture and remodeling outdated homes. Upon meeting Robin the first time you will be encompassed with her energy, her exuberant nature, and passion for life. With a deep rooted commitment to helping others, Robin has been involved with local communities from sitting on the board of local colleges to her overseas mission trips, Robin pours her heart into others.