Rich Viens

Chief Financial Officer

About Rich

Rich Viens has always held a specific goal to bring state-of-the-art technology to his native South Florida. Upon graduating from FAU, he realized there was a lack of companies that pushed the edge, so he embarked on a professional journey that led him to Texas, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia. Like the prodigal son, Rich eventually returned to South Florida with a mission. After succeeding with a number of start-ups, he consulted on a project with PeakActivity. Shortly thereafter, Rich became our Chief Financial Officer. 

As a self-described servant leader, Rich’s leadership philosophy is, in his words, “to hire people who are smarter than me, and just get out of their way.” Although he is the CFO, Rich sees himself as working for his team and to be a resource. Through his work at PeakActivity, Rich is passionate about delivering technology that will serve as a bridge so future generations can make greater progress. His job allows him to leave the world in a better place than how he found it, which is his ultimate life goal. 

Rich is a student of Stoicism and loves to surround himself with art from around the world. He draws inspiration in his daily life from the art he has collected from his travels across five continents, with his most treasured piece being a $5 painting he purchased from a street artist in Santiago, Chile.