Peggy Myers

Director, Human Resources

About Peggy

Peggy Myers is a seasoned professional who oversees all Human Resources operations at PeakActivity. With more than 20 years of experience working in industries ranging from technology and hospitality, to banking and healthcare, Peggy approaches her job with two end-goals in mind: to help PeakActivity grow its business, and to do whatever she can to assist each and every team member in reaching their professional goals. 

With credibility and integrity guiding all of her efforts, Peggy constantly strives to maintain the high-level of talent that PeakActivity attracts and employs, while also developing strategies and initiatives to help enhance our unique corporate culture. She’s the quintessential team player who always brings a unique perspective and an infectious, positive attitude to every project that she is involved with. She also enjoys learning about all of the different types of businesses we serve. 

Outside the office, Peggy loves the outdoors and enjoys a good hike. Some of her absolute favorites include the South Island of New Zealand, the Lakes District in England, and many sections of the Appalachian Trail. Since moving to Florida five years ago, she’s become quite the stand-up paddleboard enthusiast, and enjoys visiting the many beautiful beaches that South Florida offers.