Karen Everett

VP, Mobile Solutions

About Karen

Karen Everett has been a leader in web and digital since the early 2000s. She has a longstanding and impressive history working on enterprise-level retail systems and business analytics for both large corporations and startups. In addition to her intrinsic work ethic, Karen’s ongoing success is linked to her natural curiosity and ability to ask meaningful questions. In fact, as a business analyst and solutions provider, she has found that asking the right questions can be more valuable than the answers.

At PeakActivity, Karen is driven by the uniqueness of mobile experiences and the level of detail that they require for successful execution. As such, Karen leads her team with strong strategic oversight while taking careful measures to ensure that quality is maintained at every level. For Karen, a successful endeavor goes beyond meeting client expectations and involves delivering value and excitement for end-customers. 

In her free time, Karen enjoys being outdoors, particularly near the ocean. Whether it is boating, paddleboarding, or diving, Karen is happiest when she’s in water. Additionally, Karen makes it a priority to serve the South Florida community through her participation in beach cleanups and programs with Feeding South Florida.