Alison Riveira

Chief Delivery Officer

About Alison

Alison “Ali” Riveira has an extensive background in technology, analytics, and marketing. Throughout her career, she’s worn many hats, including IT hardware installer, digital marketing manager, and eCommerce product owner. But no matter how her roles have changed, Ali’s dedication to growth and hard work has remained a constant.

At PeakActivity, Alison governs eCommerce and technology products, ensuring that projects are run efficiently and within budget. To achieve this, Ali leads her team by instilling values of resourcefulness and positive communication. Rather than waiting on others, Ali believes there’s always an opportunity to move a project forward if we choose to look for one. Needless to say, Ali is known throughout PeakActivity for her can-do attitude, hyper-organization, and keen strategic foresight. 

Outside of work, Ali is most proud of her home and family, which includes two children and six adorable dogs. Ali enjoys daily runs to recharge, and recently finished her second half-marathon. In the future, Ali is looking forward to a leisurely retirement spent gardening and sipping margaritas with close friends.