Aashish Amin

VP, Operations

About Aashish

Aashish Amin is a strategic leader overseeing the PeakActivity Marketing and Sales Operations teams. Hailing from the Midwest, Aashish moved to South Florida to escape the cold winters, eventually beginning his career with Office Depot that spanned 15-plus years working in multiple business units. In his last role, Aashish shifted into the Tech Services organization, leading the go-to-market launch of new services geared towards consumers and small business owners. 

At PeakActivity, Aashish is a key player when it comes to strategic oversight and operations. Aashish brings a unique perspective in bridging the various operational needs of an organization. As a leader, he values creative, solution-centric thinking and is looked to as a trustworthy advisor who goes above and beyond to ensure successful end-results. 

In his free time, Aashish enjoys outdoor activities such as basketball, running, and biking. Among his favorite sports are tennis, which he played at the collegiate level, and golf, which he is happy to play year-round in South Florida. With his family, Aashish enjoys travelling and hiking.