Strategy & Consulting Determine How Things Start. They Also Determine How Things End.

The success of any project, regardless of budget, timeline, or scale can always be traced back to in-depth consulting and the development of a carefully constructed, richly detailed strategy. The result of extensive research, honest conversations, and constant refinement, a strategy not only determines the objectives of a project but provides step-by-step measures to ensure that those objectives are achieved and that success is attained.

Peakactivity Strategy & Consulting

Learnings from in-depth research and client conversations applied through a holistic approach to help accelerate digital maturity, transform culture, and scale business through eCommerce, Digital Marketing, and Technology.

Sara Meza, SVP eCommerce

Robin Diamond, VP Marketing

Cheri Siedle, VP of Technology

70% of companies either have a digital transformation strategy in place or are working on one.

Source: Forbes

Our Expertise

Detailed assessments and roadmaps to transform enterprise-level data, technology, talent and culture for a digital-first economy.
  • Digital Strategy: Holistic strategies to accelerate digital maturity, transform culture and scale business growth.
  • eCommerce: Accelerate your commerce approach with detailed strategies to help you sell online.
  • Customer Experience: Strategies and journey map to improve customer experience across the entire buying journey.
  • Enterprise Technology: Strategies to help you identify the right technology approach, infrastructure, applications, and platforms that will help you scale.
  • Data & Analytics: Transformation of data schemas to improve efficiency and effectiveness.