Low-Touch Commerce: Helping Businesses Adapt to Change

As people around the world continue to live in the virtual era due to the public health crisis, we are adjusting to the new way of conducting business. We’re now in a world where virtual meetings are the norm and handshaking is a thing of the past. Some retail businesses have closed their doors, restaurants shifted their models to delivery and curbside pickup only, and the hospitality and airline industry took a hard hit due to travel restrictions. Just exactly how do we conduct business during this shift in normalcy? At PeakActivity, we have outlined a digital initiative called “Low-Touch” Commerce that will allow you to gain an advantage over your competition through innovation. The best part is that you can start implementing this strategy to start seeing success now.

Defining “Low-Touch” Commerce

“Low-Touch” Commerce combines social distancing, digital-first interactions, best-in-breed technology, and innovative ideas to drive conversions in our virtual environments. “Low-Touch” Commerce will likely extend well beyond the next 8-12 months. With this in mind, PeakActivity is focused on helping every industry get back on its feet with minimal investment dollars and maximum returns.

With our daily lives being affected due to the pandemic, we are seeing large swings in public policy, as well as shifts in person-to-person communication, like limited face-to-face contact, travel restrictions, and hygiene requirements. In addition to these social changes, we’re seeing more businesses shift to a focus on remote work, virtual healthcare, and eCommerce.

There has been a massive change in how customers consume everything from information to food and entertainment. Some of the most affected industries have been retail, health, fitness, entertainment, restaurants, grocery stores, and education. However, it’s not hard to notice the boom in technology related to “Low-Contact” Commerce, as we have seen rises in virtual meetings, contactless payment systems, AR & VR experiences, and virtual shopping assistants.


How To Start Seeing Success Now

This plan can be applied across every aspect of business in three key paths to have you driving more conversions. Align leadership and identify the key areas of improvement on a micro and macro level, all while keeping your employees safe. Stabilize and execute. Accept the new market of “Low-Contact” Commerce. This is new and unfamiliar territory and businesses must pivot in order to stay relevant and competitive in this new market. Reinvest in research and development, along with other areas that are experiencing rapid growth. Now is the time to develop new products and business models. PeakActivity has already seen huge success with furniture retailers that have adopted “Low-Touch” Commerce. The program generated tens of thousands of dollars in sales with a 15% conversion rate for one retail furniture chain. It’s crucial to integrate top-tier tech solutions to deliver immediate contactless results for internal teams and customers during these times. PeakActivity is fully focused on continuous innovation within any industry, and we are committed to expanding companies and their ability to drive conversions. Get in touch with us today for a FREE strategy session for “Low-Contact” Commerce.

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