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We’re helping the food service industry adapt in trying times.

Evolve and adapt to meet diners where they’re at.

The restaurant business has always been challenging with long hours and low margins being par for the course. But recent changes have completely upended the industry, forcing ambitious owners to rethink their business model. At PeakActivity, we help restaurants adapt with digital products and services that meet customers where they’re at. 

Service with speed.
In the kitchen, speed and agility are of the essence. The same is true of digital transformation. We custom-fit a lean, agile team of expert marketers and technologists to maximize your investment with a laser focus on the tools and services that make the most impact. Consider us your nerdy kitchen brigade. 

Attract, engage, and keep diners coming back for more.
We apply a holistic marketing approach to elevate your brand and grow your customer base so you can do what you do best – delight your diners. We’ll help you conquer search, harness digital advertising, navigate social media, level-up your email, and deploy loyalty rewards that keep customers coming back for more. Our services are available à la carte or as a complete prix fixe.

Charm diners before they ever set foot at your door.
Your customer experience begins long before the meal. Delight diners and your front-of-house team with streamlined, easy-to-manage reservations and delivery services. Follow up on a memorable meal by capturing reviews that drive new business. 

Adapt to change.
Restauranteurs have shown boundless ingenuity as they’ve pivoted their services to serve their communities. We can help you upgrade your systems in order to evolve, whether that means running a commissary-style kitchen, selling grocery items and merchandise, or new subscription-style food services. 

Your creativity and ambition have never been more important. We’re here to help you quickly translate your dreams into real-world results. 

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