There’s a Bit of Magic to Digital Marketing. Fortunately, We Know a Few Tricks.

The purchase journey has transformed from a single pathway to multiple pathways that often overlap and intersect with each other, making marketing to online consumers a highly complex undertaking. Working with a seasoned digital partner who understands how to solve that complexity is often the difference between turning a curious consumer into a loyal customer.

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Digital Marketing

Our Approach

Successful digital marketing strategies are built on strong foundations. Marketing happens when you reach the right people, who are looking to buy at the right time, while keeping them educated. The key to digital marketing is to instill customer confidence in any product or service.
Robin Dimond, VP Marketing
45% of marketers cited "drive conversions" as a key business outcome for social in 2021.
Source: Hootsuite

Our Expertise

  • Marketing Websites: Expert UX, design, and development of your main web presence, landing pages, and more.
  • Content Creation: Fast creation of effective content at scale, distributable across owned, earned, and paid channels.
  • Social Media Marketing: Strategy, execution, and management of paid and organic social channels.
  • Influencer Marketing: Build loyalty, drive traffic, and increase revenue by using influential voices, product endorsements, and more.
  • Public Relations: Manage the reputation of your brand and its executives.
  • Performance Marketing: Increase customer conversion rates and lifetime value through performance-driven email marketing and social commerce.

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We are thrilled with the amount of engagement, awareness, and sales generated through email and social platforms. PeakActivity’s support with strategy and execution across these channels is a major reason we achieved the results we did.

Christine Buscarino, Global CMO, Dale Carnegie