Digital Innovation Is Where Cutting-Edge Creates Competitive Edge

One of the best ways for a brand to gain an advantage over their competitors in attracting new customers as well as retaining existing ones is by fully embracing new technologies. Doing so not only enables that brand to create the kind of digital experiences that more and more customers are demanding, but it also establishes that company as one that is willing to leverage technology to its fullest potential.

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Digital Innovation

Our Approach

Ensuring the right technology is utilized is essential. However, the larger goal is to support this technology with stakeholder buy-in, KPIs, customer segments, and most importantly, an internal team that understands the direction and will support the journey. With the right team, anything is possible.
Rob Petrosino, VP Digital Innovation

Our Expertise

  • Emerging Technologies: Open innovation, paired with an empathy-led approach allows us to create memorable brand experiences that delight customers and drive business growth.
  • PALOS Accelerator: Named for the place where Columbus began his journey to the new world, our PALOS Accelerator is the starting point for clients to partner with our experts to bring new ideas to life and help develop and bring new products to market. PALOS mitigates the risk for both start-ups and established corporations of launching new products and services by providing support teams to drive innovation faster.
  • Digital Innovation Workshops: Sessions focus on how to create a nimble culture rooted in agility, customer-centric design, and future-focused technology. Facilitated by experts that span the spectrum of digital innovation, these workshops are both educational and instructional on how best to solve business problems using open innovation and agile methodologies.

Did You Know?

38% of the companies using AR are currently using it to deliver immersive shopping experiences to their customers
Source: Deloitte Report
Leaders in next-gen technology adoption plan to increase spend nearly 20% by 2023
Source: Broadridge
At 375 learners, VR training achieved cost parity with e-learning. At 3,000 learners, VR was 52% more cost-effective than e-learning
Source: PwC