When It Comes to Hiring, the Old Rules No Longer Apply

Scotti Williams
Lead, Talent & Recruitment

When there are more homes for sale than there are people looking to buy homes, real estate professionals refer to that scenario as a “buyer’s market,” due to the fact that it gives buyers a lot of leverage. It just so happens, that the current job market is experiencing that very same dynamic.


With a record-breaking 10 million open jobs at the end of July, recent college grads are entering the workforce at a time that puts them in the enviable position of getting to have a real say as to the details surrounding a particular job. In fact, the process of finding and landing a job is undergoing some radical shifts of its own. As a company that’s always looking to hire top new talent, here are 3 trends we’re seeing in the market, and tips for how both candidates and employers can benefit from this unprecedented job market.

You Can Thank Technology

It will come as a surprise to no one that, were it not for advancements in technology, the three trends we’re going to touch upon would cease to be trends at all. It’s only through technology that remote work, virtual interviews, and video resumes are even possible.


Remote Work

The pandemic forced people to take the time to reassess both their personal and professional priorities and, as it turned out, at the very top of many people’s lists was the ability to work remotely. As a result, employers are now forced to do some reassessing of their own as it relates to a candidate’s expectation and their hiring policies.

  • How remote work benefits employers–giving people the ability to work remotely opens up an entirely new pool of job candidates that may not have been able to apply previously, either, due to geography, or people who simply needed more flexibility, such as parents with young children, grown children caring for elderly parents, and even introverts for whom working from home is just a more appealing proposition.
  • How remote work benefits candidates–you know what’s most important to you, so look for jobs that will offer you what you need most, even if they don’t happen to be located in the city where you live. Be honest with your interviewer. You never want to say that you’re willing to relocate or come into the office if those are things you really don’t want to do. More than anything else, employers want employees to be happy working for them, and that can’t happen if you aren’t honest.

Virtual Interviewing

With so many jobs now being remote, in-person interviews have become less necessary, especially during the early rounds of the interview process. So, virtual interviews have very much become the norm.

  • How virtual interviews benefit employers—it’s much easier to get to know someone’s personality and assess cultural fit through a virtual interview than trying to do so via a phone call. However, make sure not to be swayed by stereotypes or cultural biases, which may be easier to do through video.
  • How virtual interviews benefit candidates—it’s much more convenient as it eliminates the need to travel back-and-forth for in-person interviews. It also alleviates for candidates the often uncomfortable task of having to make up an excuse at their current job in order to attend the interview. Keep in mind, though, that just because an interview is virtual you don’t need to impress the interviewer. Make sure you dress appropriately and work out any technical issues in advance of the scheduled meeting.

Video Resumes

With the proliferation of smartphones, advancements in camera technology, and the popularity of video-based apps like Tik Tok, new grads are native video creators and consumers. So, it’s no surprise that they are applying for jobs this way too.  

  • How video resumes benefit employersthe time limit on Tik Tok videos, in particular, is helpful because it forces candidates to be succinct and thoughtful, which gives you insight into their thought process and skill set. Make sure you cast your candidate net wider than just Tik Tok, because you might miss out on some great candidates simply because they’re not active on the platform.
  • How video resumes benefit candidatesvideo is a great way to capture someone’s attention, especially during an initial screening. If all goes well, you’ll have a later opportunity to get into deeper details. Get creative in finding ways to highlight your skills and experience.

Talent Comes in Many Different Forms

At PeakActivity, we work closely with our clients to determine which talent model best suits their particular needs. That could be an on-site team, a totally remote team, or a hybrid of the two. Regardless of what form our team of talented professionals takes, you can be assured that the technology services that you require will be delivered seamlessly and on time.

“Video interviews could revolutionize the interviewing process.
With a video, I can quickly get a sense of a candidate’s personality,
and personality is the key to a good culture fit.”
Scotti Williams
Lead, Talent & Recruitment

Embrace the Change

So, it’s a candidate’s market. Today. Rest assured, that just like in the real estate market, over time, things will shift once again. That’s not to say that the job landscape is going back to what it once looked like—the continual advancement of technology all but guarantees that it never will. Our advice? Embrace the change. Use all of the innovations available to you to find your dream job, or, to hire your dream candidate. Sure, it might take a little getting used to, but that happens with any kind of change. The important thing to remember is that your job is out there, and so is your candidate. The only thing left to do is find each other.


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