A/B Testing Results & Examples

Cart Page Checkout Call To Actions

The Experiment

Defining “Low-Touch” Commerce

Short Description: In the cart, the main call to action is the checkout button. The current style has many competing calls to action without a visual hierarchy, cluttering the design and in some cases, confusing customers.

Hypothesis/Success Criteria: If we re-design the secondary call to actions on the cart page with different colors and sizes then we will increase the number of checkout button clicks and therefore increasing cart conversion.




The Details:

How Does It Work?
Utilizing our partner Curalate that lets you use social content and audiences to sell more effectively online. They allow us to bring social content onto our sites that inspire visitors and encourages purchases. The location of the social content displayed on site is important to the customer’s journey.
Why are we testing this?
Integrate images and videos from customers, influencers, partners, and our own social media accounts throughout your site to help people envision your products in their lives. Especially in the case of furniture, where design, trending styles, comfort, size, and fit are all rather difficult to display through a website.

The Results

Below is the recap of the hypothesis, success criteria, along with our go-forward recommendation the Homepage – Curalate Carousel Placement. Hypothesis/Success Criteria: If we move the Curalate carousel below the main homepage slider then we will increase customer engagement and therefore decrease the bounce rate. Recommendation: Based on our hypotheses, success metrics, and sample size we can say that our hypothesis was correct. We see a significant decrease in the home page bounce rate when the user-generated content is below the homepage sliders. This is leading to a significant increase in the homepage click-through rate. We see no negative effect on any primary revenue KPI’s. Our recommendation is to move the winning variant to 100%.

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